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With an impressive list of song placements in film, television, radio and television commercials, MC Spice The Legend is truly a legend in his own right. The first emcee from Boston, Massachusetts to sign a major deal (Atlantic Records/1986), MC Spice is also the first rap artist to sign with Atlantic Records.  A veteran songwriter/producer, MC Spice’s work with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) earned him top rank with two Gold singles, Platinum singles, and a triple-Platinum album for the group.


Good Vibrations hit the charts hard,  knocking Color Me Badd's “I Wanna Sex You Up” from the number one Billboard slot. The song remained number one until Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White” took over. The second single, “Wildside” heavily sampled the bass rift from Lou Reed’s 1969 song of the same title. Though Reed’s music never charted due to risque content, MC Spice’s version shot to the top ten and remained there for a few weeks. Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records asked Donnie Wahlberg about MC Spice’s writing skills, of which Donnie replied: “Spice has songs unlimited." He does.


A prolific writer, MC Spice is not confined to one style of rap or one genre of music. As a teen, he imagined – and wrote – hundreds of Country and Soft Rock songs he hoped would become hits. Every song on Mark Wahlberg’s two albums were actually songs created for MC Spice’s debut album. In fact, “Wildside” aired on Boston’s now defunct Black radio station WILD-AM long before MC Spice handed the song over for Mark to include on his album.


MC Spice is a publishing goldmine, with songs placed in over eighty movies and nearly 100 television shows. MC Spice's music has also been placed in video games. The legendary rapper says he’s not interested in signing a deal with any label but more inclined to write songs for labels with artists he feels have “lost touch with the reality of how to structure a real song.”


MC Spice has established himself in the voice-over industry and has voiced radio and television commercials for hundreds of radio stations and clients, including Phat Farm, Def Jam, Howard Stern, and Wendy Williams (who dubbed Spice ‘the voice of Hiphop Culture’). The new music by MC Spice is peppered with Hiphop, Rap, R&B, Reggae, and Gospel flavors – what MC Spice calls Grown Folk Hiphop. Yes, it’s a thing and he aims to reign in that genre.
"Grown Folk Hiphop is exactly what it says, Hiphop for grown folk. It's not enough to see Slick Rick, MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa and the like do a show here or there. It would be nice to hear something new from them now. It would be a refreshingly explosive sound with R&B and choruses heavily-incorporated. In fact, it's nothing new [Grown Folk Hiphop] because Heavy D. did it, Big Daddy Kane, Snoop, and Whodini was way ahead of their time. I just want to see this particular genre recognized. We have some work to do",  explained the Boston veteran rapper.


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